About Algoholics

We are obsessed with solutions to all our problems. But we know that a problem may have any number of solutions. To find out the least complex path to our solutions we bring you algoholics. Write the best pseudo code and prove your mettle.

The Rulebook

  • All B.Tech undergraduates are allowed to enrol in the competition.
  • You will enrol as a team of two with both members of the same college.
  • The competition will have 5 levels where at each level a set of questions will be assigned to groups of teams with one group having a common set of questions.
  • The result submission will be in the form of a pseudo code as well as a compiled C program with the code.
  • The marking will be based on the successful submission of both the above and then on the complexities of the designed code.
  • The levels will be time bound starting ‘zero’ at 20 minutes and each further level will have 10 minutes more.
  • The final level will have two teams and the winner will be announced on the same day.


 The Timeline

October 21st, 2016
Algoholics 1100 hours IST, ETL-312 & E-313