Clash on Lan - FIFA

About Clash on Lan - FIFA

1 vs 1 individual matchup. Group stage + Knockout format. 3-4 Players in a group depending on the no. of participants. Each player in the group competes against every other player. The group topper advances to the knockout round.

The Rulebook

During registration, participant has to mention 2 teams he is going to play with, a 1st choice and a 2nd . In a match, both the participants must have different teams. If case the 1st choice teams of the both the participants match, then a toss will decide which participant will play with the 1st choice team. Incase of draw in a knockout match, result to be decided via penalty shootouts. Allowed Teams: Only Club teams. Trainer: OFF Game Speed: Normal. Injuries: OFF Offsides: ON Custom Tactics and Instructions: Allowed Handball: OFF Auto Switching: User Settings Squads: FIFA 16 original squads Note: Game pause is only allowed when the ball is out of bounds. Player gets disqualified if done intentionally. The decision of the organizers will be final and binding.


 The Timeline

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