Blind Coding

About Blind Coding

All the computer lovers,show’em your bond with the PC and code without having a peek at the Desktop

The Rulebook

----Round 1----
  • 50 participants One problem for every 5 candidates.
  • In the first round, coding problems will be given to all the participants and their computer screens will be turned off.
  • Participants will have to code using keyboard only.
  • The participants who are unable to secure the correct output will not qualify for the further round.
  • Those participants with similar problems who are able to secure the correct output will be judged on the basis of readability and LOC.
  • Points will be given on the basis of these two factors and the participant with the highest point will qualify for the next round.
  • Those securing highest points will qualify for the second round.
  • If the participants are discovered in a scenario where their points are same, both of them will qualify.
  • Time limit for this round is 45 minutes.
----Round 2----
  • In the second round, the participant who completes the code and secures the correct output first will be the winner.
  • There is a position for the first runner up too.
  • In this round, participants can turn on their screen for 30 seconds to check their code at any given time.
  • Time limit for this round is again 45 minutes.
  • In the case where none of the participants are able to secure the correct output, the winner will be the candidate with the closest possible answer and in that case, only one winner will emerge.


 The Timeline

October 21st, 2016
Blind Coding 1400 hours IST, E-410