About Backgear

All the programmers out there,this one is for you.This contest will challenge the conventional norms of programming wherein a programmer generates the output from the code. Here, we present the competitors with the output and the programmers are required to apply their reverse engineering skills to generate the code that gives this output.

The Rulebook

  • The contest is divided into two phases.
  • First phase: Technical Multiple Choice Questions regarding general programming.
  • In the second round using C/C++ languages you will have to apply Reverse Engineering approach to solve the coding round questions.
  • In case of a tie.
  • more efficient code or time of submission will be considered
  • Both the rounds will take place on the campus only.
  • All the participants must participate individually.
  • Any form of malpractice shall lead to disqualification of participant(s).
  • There is no registration or entry fee.


 The Timeline

September 4th, 2016
Inaugration 1000 hours IST, ETL - 410