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" Think | Code | Execute "


Codester is a competitive programming contest organised by the Codeschool club of USICT, as a part of the technical fest Infoxpression ’17 of USICT. This will be an ACM ICPC style contest. You’re going to solve some problems faced by Chuckie in his day to day life.

Note: You need to register your team at Team Registration Form. Remember, In order to qualify for prizes, both the team members should be registered on infoxpression . 
Event Rules:
  • Contest duration : 2.5 hr
  • Platform :  Codezen
  • Team size :  Atmost 2 members
  • No. Of questions : 6
  • Languages allowed : C, C++, Java, Python
  • Please bring your School/College ID card
  • Available editors : Codeblocks, Geany, DevC++, Vim, Sublime Text, Eclipse ( Note: If you prefer any other editor, inform us at least 1/2 an hour before the commencement of the contest, we will arrange the same.)
  • No electronic devices will be allowed inside the labs.
  • 9K in cash  + Goodies

And off course the opportunity to meet new people an to hone your skill.


Venue:   E-312 & 313
Date:    13/10/17
Time:    1:00 PM- 4:00 PM
Chuckie 8447828766
Dheer Gulati 8901310005