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SAMADHAN - Start Up with a Startup

This world is full of two kinds of people. The ones who create problems and the other who create solutions for them. If you believe that you belong to the latter breed of innovators, Zenith the Entrepreneurship Cell GGSIPU, brings the perfect platform SAMADHAN - Start up with a Startup, our flagship event, to test your problem solving skills. Solve a problem that affects the day to day life of the masses or the functioning of the Corporate world and get rewarded for it. Be it any issue, if you have a solution, we are here to hear you out.
*A team shall consist of minimum of 1 member and maximum of 4 members.*
Ø The event shall be divided into two tracks Business & Social.
Ø Business track shall focus on corporate world problems.
Ø Social track shall focus on problems of the masses.
Ø It will be choice of the participant to search for a problem around him or her or something that they wish to give a solution to.
Ø In the Jury round, the participants have to come up with a presentation for the Jury addressing the issues.
Each team shall be given a maximum of 15 minutes for the presentation -

1. What is the problem?
2. How and who all are affected by it?
3. What amount of loss/damage has it caused?
4. How do you wish to tackle the problem?
5. Your plan, how would it affect the people?
6. How will you gather the resources?
7. Where shall you start form, how much fund you'd require?
8. What would be your initial fund allocation?
9. How would you gather clients?
10. How are you planning to market your idea?
11. How will you sustain?
12. Any other relevant information you want to provide.

The decision of the jury shall be final.
Event organizers reserve the right to disqualify any team that is found guilty for violating the rules.
Selection of the teams for the jury round will be based on the answers to the questions provided in the form.


Venue:   E-109
Date:    13/10/2017
Time:    12:00 PM- 4:00 PM
Akshat Jain +91 97162 15410
Nikhil +91 98711 60963